eBay Partner Network API

eBay Partner Network members with programming experience can "script" eBay Partner Network web pages making them available directly to your applications. Although any page can be scripted, this API functionality is primarily intended for eBay Partner Network reports. You can import raw report data into your own data processing applications.

Any page within eBay Partner Network can optionally include your username and password allowing you to authenticate your eBay Partner Network session without going through the normal login page. The names of the fields are "user_name" and "user_password" respectively.

As such, appending "&user_name=myname&user_password=mypassword" to any eBay Partner Network URL will allow your script to have the same functionality you have within the normal web browser.

All eBay Partner Network Reports within the Reports section are available via download to tab delimited files. These files can be easily imported into database programs such as Microsoft Access, MySQL, Excel, and so on.

Here is an example of downloading a day's worth of Transaction reports using a script. The assumption here is that the user's login name is "lonelypublr15" with a password of "batpole". The download in this example will get, for all Programs, the Transaction report for November 11th, 2007 ("11/13/07").

PHP Example:
$my_username = "lonelypublr15";
$my_password = "botpole";
$start_date = "11/13/07";
$end_date = "11/13/07";

$url = "https://publisher.ebaypartnernetwork.com/PublisherReportsTx?user_name=  $my_username&user_password=$my_password&start_date=$start_date&end_date=$end_date";
$my_report_data = file_get_contents($url);

file_put_contents("my_transactions.tsv", $my_report_data);
UNIX Command Line Example
curl https://publisher.ebaypartnernetwork.com/PublisherReportsTx?user_name= lonelypublr15&user_password=batpole&start_date=11/13/07&end_date=11/13/07 >my_transactions.tsv

C# Example:
string User = "lonelypublr15";
string Pwd = "botpole";
string StartDate = "11/13/07";
string EndDate = "11/13/07";
string FileName = "my_transactions.tsv";

saveMyReport(User, Pwd, StartDate, EndDate, FileName);

public static bool
saveMyReport(string User,string Pwd,string StartDate,string EndDate, string FileName)
    bool Done = false;
    try {
        string Url = "https://publisher.ebaypartnernetwork.com/PublisherReportsTx";
        Url += "?user_name=" + User;
        Url += "&user_password=" + Pwd;
        Url += "&start_date=" + StartDate;
        Url += "&end_date=" + EndDate;

        WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
        webClient.DownloadFile(Url, FileName);
        Done = true;
    catch (System.Exception ex) {
        Done = false;
    return Done;

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